About Us

Geneva Factors specializes in factoring: the purchase of accounts receivable for immediate cash. You can use our flexible funding to maintain successful operations and grow your business in new ways. Geneva offers you money when you need it, rather than waiting for payment from your customers.

We understand the entrepreneurial world and the need for flexible and customized service with a quick turn-around time. Our experience and knowledge of your industry, will give you an edge in today's markets. Although we offer the very latest in financing arrangements, we are very old-fashioned when it comes to offering our personal assistance.

Most traditional lending institutions or factors are looking for volume and won't finance businesses they consider to be too small or too new. At Geneva, we see your business not in terms of volume but in terms of potential.

Geneva's strategy for financing is based in an age-old model, long used by banks and lending institutions, that we have re-worked in order to make the process easier and more accessible to businesses of varying sizes and capacities. Simply put, we provide capital, when needed, for your business. Our greatest pleasure is to see your company grow and become established to the point where you don't need us anymore.