Geneva Factors offers a range of services, including credit assessments and consultation on credit/debt decisions and all other account matters. We can evaluate your company's needs individually to assess which of the varied range of services offered by Geneva are suitable for your business.

Geneva offers accounts receivable or purchase order financing to small, medium and large sized businesses. While we specialize in cash flow planning, implementation and control, we also offer the management of receivables. You can outsource your sales ledger management and collection to us, and we will provide you with the essential management information you need to run your business. In fact, we provide cash flow to many diverse industries: Fashion, Service, I.T., Publishing, Food, Medical Sectors and many others.

To grow your business you need to continually refine and update your strategies to accommodate changes in the market place, without being tied up, due to inadequate cash resources. It is often the case that your best customers are the slowest to pay but the credit you extend them can keep you walking a financial tight rope each month. A dependable cash flow will ensure that you reach the goals you have set for your company.

Our due diligence on your account helps you make informed decisions. We understand the complexities of the risks you take with your business and we work hard to help you create successful strategies. Whether you would like our assistance in obtaining a factoring facility, more general advice on factoring or details about our consultation services, feel free to contact us.